Feet And Fitness

The feet bear the entire body weight and allow a person to walk and run. Regular foot care must be incorporated into the lifestyle to ensure that the feet remain healthy and strong. Some common presenting problems associated with feet are athlete’s foot, calluses, blisters, ingrown nails, and dry feet. Diseases such as gout, toenail fungus, and claw toes/mallet toes also frequently affect the feet. Damage to the feet is a major complication of uncontrolled diabetes; if untreated, an amputation may be required.

To improve feet health, it is important to avoid wearing shoes that are too tight. Moreover, sharing shoes and pedicure utensils should also be avoided. Foot massages and foot soaks are great ways to soothe any pain or irritation. Diabetic patients should wash and dry their feet daily and regularly check their feet for any changes.


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