Womens Health

The health of women is dependent on many different factors, including a healthy diet, exercise, and prevention/treatment of diseases that commonly affect women. Some of the most common health issues experienced by women include pregnancy and childbirth-related complications and breast cancer.

During the last century, there have been enormous improvements in care for pregnant women reducing complications and allowing better family planning. However, disorders such as pre-eclampsia and gestational diabetes still affect a significant proportion of the population. Pre-eclampsia refers to high blood pressure and the presence of proteins in the urine after twenty or more weeks of gestation. Gestational diabetes is increased blood glucose levels in pregnant women that usually resolve after pregnancy. Many women also experience pre-term labor and miscarriages due to a variety of medical conditions.

Breast cancer is second only to skin cancer in terms of prevalence in women. It is caused by uncontrolled cell division in the breasts; these cancer cells can metastasize to other locations and invade healthy tissues. However, if caught early, breast cancer usually has a good prognosis. It is thus important for women to check for any changes in the breasts, such as lumps, discoloration of the skin, abnormal discharge, and inversion of the nipples.


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