Kid's Health

Children tend to get sick often and keeping them healthy is no easy feat. Most childhood illnesses clear up with some over-the-counter medication and rest; other diseases, however, can have serious complications and require a consultation from a pediatrician. Some common concerning symptoms include signs of dehydration, high fever, and difficulty breathing especially when a history of a suppressed immune system is present.

Certain childhood illnesses with the greatest incidence include common cold, bronchitis, gastroenteritis, and ear and throat infections. Common colds can be transmitted from one person to another and cannot be treated; the symptoms are, nevertheless, treatable. Bronchitis is associated with swelling and increased mucous production by the lungs. Gastroenteritis or stomach flu usually manifests as nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea. The treatment involves adequate rest and administration of plenty of fluids. Ear and throat infections can be caused by viruses or bacteria. The former usually go away on their own whereas the latter require treatment with antibiotics.


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